8. Looking ahead


Animation, design hacking, and the urban built environment may seem unrelated when in reality they are connected by the need for complex and nuanced signs of life in the space between. What we can learn from this need is that instead of only constantly aiming for progress in the form of newer, bigger, and faster there are ways to add life in the nooks and crannies of the world around us. By reconsidering these overlooked spaces we can also encourage others to find their own personally meaningful experiences. Blaine Merker explains that “deep within every rational system holding societies together are assumptions that, if taken to their logical conclusion, tend toward absurdity. As such, they are highly fertile terrain for artistic exploration” (Merker 55). Thus the modern world is ripe with opportunity for designers to make a difference in these spaces, regardless of the end form. The trans-disciplinary media designer’s role is not to define and control every aspect of the new media landscape, but instead to expose and create platforms that encourage creativity within those voids.

Fig. 8. Flickr user BuhSnarf. "Mind the gap!"

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