How can a trans-disciplinary media designer fit in today’s diverse landscape of media outlets? In The Void I examine the in-between spaces in a range of forms including animation, physical objects, interactive architecture, and the urban environment.

Animation excels at bringing life to the tween frames but suffers in it’s 2-dimensional linearity and prescribed narrative. Physical objects may be 3-dimensional but being mass produced for predefined purposes they discourage other creative uses. Interactive architecture may be more dynamic than traditional static architecture but despite being very spatial it is often more similar to animation with its predefined experiences. Scaling up our view to include the urban environment we find the life in the spaces between the beautiful structures.

Within all of these I explore the idea that designers can interject themselves into a range of areas by using a hacker’s mindset. By identifying the unused or overlooked areas in design and space we can expose the weaknesses in these systems and find more personally meaningful outcomes than the ones predefined for us. By engaging these voids through design hacking and space hacking we can create platforms for other people to engage with their world more creatively.

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